Air Manipulation

Aerokinesis is the power to control and summon wind. Any mermaid with this power can create from light breezes to strong gusts of air that can knock people off their feet or updrafts strong enough to lift hundreds of pounds. It has also been used to levitate objects if they are combined with mermaids that have power of snow and lightning, too. The best known mermaid who has this power is Cleo Sertori.

Cleo got this power from the planetary alignment that is explained in the Full Moon Page. Cleo first discovered this power when Kim took her orange juice. Frustrated, Cleo focused on the glass of orange juice her sister was holding. The glass began to shake as the orange juice inside began to move, and suddenly the front door blew opening and large gust of wind came through it.

Aerokinesis also gives any mermaid possessing the power the ability to great large rain storms and sudden hard rain over a certain person or people, this also means that Cleo is the only person who would be able to go into rain although she never tries it in the program. It means that she can direct the rain over another person rather than herself, as shown in the Sea Queen Pageant.

Lyla is seen using this ability in Getting Legs