Bella Hartley
Eva (possible)
Turning water into a gelatin-like compound

Gelidkinesis is the power to turn water (and possibly any liquid substance or moisture of any kind) into a gelatin-like compound. The only known mermaid to have this unique water-based ability is Bella. Bella also shows the ability to change its viscosity (making jelly to catch Cleo's fish, and making a rigid substance for a stepping stone). And on the episode "Queen for a Day" Bella's allergic reaction affected her mermaid powers and so when she sneezed it caused every liquid in the room to become gelatin.


There are many things about this power that are still unknown, but it's possible that this is a very rare power. Bella got this power when she became a mermaid in the sea caves of Ireland. This ability is also used to convert moisture of any kind in the air into a gelatin compound. And be used to explode moisturized objects, like drains, drinks, and possibly turn other chemicals solid or jellied. Another speculation about how Bella has this power is that Mako Island and the sea caves of Ireland have different water-affiliated powers and abilities to be given. And, another speculation to whether both moon pools grant three powers. Like Charlotte Watsford, Bella may have reserved all three mermaid powers due to entering the tidal pool alone, as did Charlotte. It has been shown Bella's magic has more than one power to offer; one being to transform water into a gelatin (and possibly mold or manipulate it); another hardening it into its rare crystalline form (making it indestructible, unlike ice); and compacting the particles so densely the substance explodes (as she does in "The Awakening" destroying the water tentacle, and again in "Queen for a Day" causing a smoothie to explode on Sophie).

Another theory to this ability is that because Emma has Cryokinesis (water), Cleo has Aerokinesis (wind), and Rikki had Pyrokinesis (fire) when Bella's powers upgrade she might get Geokinesis (earth) - generating earthquakes, which is another half-atmospheric ability. However, because the series has ended, it is unknown if she ever enhanced her power.