Gracie Watsford

Gracie Waving

Portrayed By:
Mermaid (formerly)
First Appearance:
Party Girls
(Mentioned Only)
Last Appearance:
The Finale
(Mentioned Only)
Annette Watsford (Daughter)
Charlotte Watsford (Granddaughter)

Gracie Watsford was one of the three original mermaids, she had the power of Hydrokinesis (Cleo's power). When she first became a mermaid, it seemed that she loved it, until her boyfriend Max Hamilton, began experimenting on them, much like Lewis. 


Soon after, she began to grow tired of being experimented on, and wanted to be an ordinary girl again, and she started pushing Max away from her until that night that Gracie lost her mermaid powers. One night while she was at Mako Island, she noticed that the moon pool began, to bubble. Somehow she knew that this special 50 years moon would take away a mermaid's powers forever. Wanting to be normal again, she jumped in, and gave up her powers. During the battle, it is revealed by Charlotte Watsford that this full moon event is how Gracie, her grandmother and one of the original three mermaids, gave up her powers 50 years ago. In her adult life, she was more of a "free spirit" as she would only wear handcrafted jewelry and would never wear what everyone else was wearing. Gracie would take care of her granddaughter Charlotte and tell her stories about the sea. She and Julia are the 2 of the 3 original mermaids to be deceased. After her death, Charlotte was known to cry for months after her grandmother passed away. 


Max HamiltonEdit

He was the lx wanted to help Gracie "embrace what she had become" but unintentionally made her hate her newfound abilities by experimenting on her. He made her and the other girls their lockets as a last resort, but their relationship faltered. Gracie broke up with him and lost her mermaid powers, she then later married somebody else and had her daughter and Charlotte was Annette's illegitimate daughter.

  • She did modeling as a teenager.
  • As an adult, she would only wear handcrafted jewelry, probably influenced by the locket Max made especially for her.