Cleo's Locket

Gracie and Cleo's Locket first featured in the episode "Party Girls". Emma found the locket at the bottom of the Moon Pool on Mako Island, where she traveled with Lewis to try to find out about their transformation.

Gracie's locket at the bottom of the Moon Pool

Cleo's locket originally belonged to Gracie, who became a mermaid over fifty years ago. Gracie found it more and difficult being a mermaid, and longed to be an ordinary girl again. So Max Hamilton made three lockets - one for each girl and each was slightly different. Gracie's locket featured a blue stone, which could possibly be a sapphire. This could possibly
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Charlotte trying on Cleo's locket

symbolize Cleo's hydrokinesis powers and abilities to move and shape water as well as controlling the wind. Max created the lockets to help Gracie to believe that she was part of something special.

However, Gracie still longed to be an ordinary girl and one night there was a very powerful Full Moon and Gracie entered the Moon Pool and lost her mermaid powers forever. It is unknown what happened to Gracie after that, but when Charlotte Watsford (Gracie's Granddaughter) was 6 years old, Gracie died.


Lewis giving Cleo her locket back

Cleo wears her locket often, however in the episode, "Then There Were Four" Charlotte becomes a mermaid and believes that Cleo, Emma and Rikki do not deserve their mermaid powers and that Charlotte is a 'Super Mermaid.' Then in the episode, "Sea Change" Charlotte steals Cleo's locket, saying that she doesn't deserve it and that it belongs to her.

Lewis does nothing when Charlotte told him that Cleo gave it to her of her own free will because he believed that Cleo gave the locket to Charlotte, because it was her grandmother's. He remained skeptical about it until he heard Cleo's heart-breaking message on his phone (which Charlotte tried to hide from him in order to prevent them from seeing each other).

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Cleo's locket

After Charlotte lost her mermaid powers, Lewis managed to retrieve the locket and gave it back to Cleo.