Rikki Boiling Water

Heating and boiling water

Hydro-Thermokinesis is the power to heat and boil any liquid substance. One can also create fires when using the ability. The hand movement for this power is a closing/closed fist. This may symbolize pressure, tension and the amount of heat needed to boil water. This is the most dangerous ability of the three original ones. The best known mermaid who has this power is Rikki Chadwick. As the series progresses, Rikki can boil water around her. In "The Camera Never Lies", she boils the water around Zane to ward off sharks, making a ring of heat. Rikki first discovered her power at the JuiceNet Café when she and Lewis were having an argument. Rikki was balling up her fist in frustration and at the same time heating up a drink the waitress had brought.

If a mermaid with this power is in the Moon Pool during a planetary alignment that affects the full moon, it could be enhanced to Pyrokinesis and Electrokinesis. Rikki could make someone sweat uncontrollably with her power.