Water Manipulation

Water Manipulation

Hydrokinesis the ability to move water with your mind, as well as expanding it and molding it into a variety of shapes.

With this power a mermaid can create balls of water, blasts of limited potential to control water in other forms such as condensing water molecules in the air in "Young Love" or levitating ice in "A Twist In The Tail". A strong demonstration of this power was shown by Charlotte Watsford when she created a three headed serpent out of water and used it to attack the girls in "Season 2: Episode 26: The Finale". The hand movement for this power is a free flowing hand between a rigid hand and balled-up fist. This may represent the state of water in between frozen and boiled. It may also represent the flowing movements of water and the movement of water molecules in the liquid state. When the mermaid with this power is in the moon pool during the planetary alignment, it is enhanced to Aerokinesis, the ability to summon wind. Cleo has also shown to be able to manipulate the pressure and possibly atoms in water into creation of concussive blasts in "The Denman Affair".