Julia Dove


Portrayed By
Amrita Tarr (Season 1)
Taryn Marler (Season 2)
Mermaid (formerly)
First Appearance
Shipwrecked (Mentioned Only)
Last Appearance
Love Interests
Karl (Ex-Boyfriend)

Julia Dove was one of the three mermaids in the 1950s.

She was known to Louise and Gracie to have an attitude, and was a free spirit, much like Rikki. When she told her boyfriend, Karl (who also was rich bad boy like Zane), she was a mermaid, he was angry at her for her distrust towards him. They didn't speak for a while, but he called her one day and asked to meet her. She rushed to him in mermaid form. With a camera behind his back, he got a few shots, and nearly exposed her to the world. Louise and Gracie threw this camera into the sea. Julia was heartbroken and remained so for a long time, but she eventually got over it and re-established her friendship with Louise and Gracie. Since she is so comparable to Rikki, we can assume that her mermaid power was Hydro-Thermokinesis, the ability to boil and heat water, and liquids.

She is now deceased. Her story is told in In Too Deep.