Rikki's Locket

Julia and Rikki's Locket first appeared in the episode "In Too Deep".
Julia locket

Julia's locket in the jewelry shop

Rikki was walking through a town center with Zane, when she spotted the locket in a jewelry shop window. She recognized that it has the exact same design as Cleo's locket and so desperately wanted it. Zane saw how much she wanted it and was planning on getting it for her. But when he ran into Miriam, he asked her if girls like getting jewelries as gift. Miriam noticed that Zane was planning on getting the locket for Rikki and so she bought it in order to spite her.

Julia's locket at the bottom of the canal

Miriam later got tired of it as her hair kept getting tangled between the chains. She told Zane that she was willing to part with it in exchange for a kiss on the lips. Without noticing Rikki behind him, Zane agreed to kiss Miriam in exchange for the locket. Unfortunately, instead of giving him the locket, Miriam threw the locket into the harbor, where Emma and Zane jumped in to save it. However Emma's secret was almost discovered in the process. Zane managed to get it back for Rikki but she risked turning into a mermaid in front of him when he handed her the wet locket. Cleverly, Rikki let the locket slipped through her fingers when Zane handed it to her. Before picking it up, she used her boiling power to evaporate all of the water on the locket. This proves that unlike Julia, Rikki wasn't willing to share her mermaid secret with him just yet.

At the end of the episode, Rikki gave the locket back to Louise Chatham, whom gave it to Rikki because she saw that Rikki was worthy enough to keep it as she had proven herself to be able to keep her magical identity a secret from Zane.


Rikki drying the locket

The locket originally belonged to Julia Dove, who was a mermaid over 50 years ago. Max Hamilton made the lockets, one for each mermaid. Each locket had a different colored stone; Julia's locket has a red stone - possibly a ruby - to symbolized their powers to boil and heat water. After Julia died, her belongings were sold off as part of a deceased estate. Her locket ended up in the jewelry store where Rikki later saw it.
Cleo and julia locket

Rikki comparing Julia's locket with Cleo's

Julias locket

Julia's locket