Louise Chatham


Portrayed By:
Christine Amor (Older)
Teri Haddy (Younger)
Mermaid (formerly)
65-66 (Season 1)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
The Gracie Code (Part 1) (Flashback only)
Unnamed Husband

Louise Chatham was one of the three original mermaids in the 1950's. She and her friends, Gracie and Julia, promised each other to keep the secret of being mermaids, until Julia's boyfriend, Karl, interfered. They begged Julia not to give the secret away, but she didn't listen. When she finally told him, he got angry and felt untrusted. Soon after, he called Julia to meet him at the dock. When she surfaced to reveal her true mermaid form, she didn't notice that he had a camera behind his back. He managed to get a shot of her torso, and the end of her tail. Luckily Louise and Gracie got there in time and, Louise threw the camera into the ocean. Louise used to live on the Lorelei boat, at the marina. But she accidentally hit Zane's jet-ski and the harbor master took her boat away as it was not sea-worthy. Louise sneaked out at night and sailed away in her boat, but Zane caught up with her and caused Louise to have a heart attack. While Emma and Lewis took Miss Chatham to the hospital, Zane stayed on board the Lorelei and looked for "her treasure". However, the Lorelei then began to sink with Zane trapped inside. Emma swam to Zane's rescue and pulled him onto Mako Island. Her mermaid power is unknown, but since her locket was given to Emma, her power could have been Hydro-Cryokinesis, the ability to freeze liquid and water. She and the other two mermaids gave up their powers when the moon was in line with the other planets, 50 years ago. This created enough gravitation force, increasing the magic to take away what it gave.


  • At the end of Season 1, when Emma brings her in to her home to stay after her boat home is destroyed. Emma's mom arranges her a retirement home which Louise accepts. She is not seen again after "A Twist In The Tail". We can presume she is living at this home now. She is referred to in the Season 2 episode; Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble by Rikki when she says that there were three original mermaids meaning there should only be three when discussing Charlotte Watsford's transformation.
  • She was a good friend to Max Hamilton, who was Gracie's boyfriend.
  • Louise is the only original mermaid who never had a romance mentioned during the time of the original mermaids.