I Don't Believe in Mermaids

Nixie alone

26th July, 2013
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I Don't Believe in Mermaids is the eleventh episode of Mako Mermaids.


Nixie becomes despondent when she misses the pod and isolates herself from Sirena and Lyla. When she is out on the jetty, she runs into a little boy named Ben who doesn't want to go sailing with his parents. Nixie tells him he's better off taking care of himself and he runs away. Feeling that his running away is her fault, Nixie finds him and gives him the jar with Sirena's shell carving and tells him to take it with him on his sailing trip to give to a friend of hers. He tosses the jar in the water and Nixie goes in after it, revealing to Ben that she is a mermaid. He promises to take the jar with him and returns to his parents.


  • Gemma Forsyth as Evie
  • Dominic Deutscher as Cam
  • Joe Davidson as Surfer Boy
  • Jake Connor Moss as Kid in Science Class
  • Chai Romruen as Zac
  • Ivy Latimer as Nixie
  • Amy Ruffle as Sirena
  • Lucy Fry as Lyla
  • Kerith Atkinson as Rita
  • Alex McTavish as Little Girl's Mum
  • Emma Wright as Hannah
  • Nicholas Hamilton as Ben


  • This episode aired on Netflix on July 26.