Moon Ring 2
15th September, 2013
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Moon Ring 2 is the 17th episode of Mako Mermaids.

Plot Edit

Zac finds a seemingly ordinary ring on the ocean floor and gives it to Evie as a gift. But when Sirena sees the ring, she realises it is a Moon Ring. The girls warn Zac about the ring's great power and convince him to get it back from Evie. However, Zac still does not trust the girls and has no intention of handing the Moon Ring over to them. Zac, Evie, Cam, and Rita all attend a lunch hosted by Zac's parents. The girls crash the lunch hoping for an opportunity to recover the ring. Zac manages to get his hands on the ring first. While Zac and the girls fight for possession of the ring, they accidentally zap Rita with the ring's magic, knocking her unconscious. In the process, Lyla manages to snatch the ring from Zac. They must now get Rita to the ocean to revive her before Evie and Zac's parents realise whats going on.