Secrets & Lies


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2 November 2009
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Secrets & Lies is the 6th episode of Season 3 of H2O: Just Add Water. It premiered on November 2nd, 2009.

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Bella's infatuation with Will deepens and she can't help but follow him around! She tries to set up a study date, but finding herself stood up. She takes her normal rounds following Will on his daily outing unbeknownst to him but as he is just ready to go, while under the dock in the water, Bella sees an unknown woman approach Will which she believes is his girlfriend. Bella decides to investigate further and spies on Will and the unknown woman, after she regains her legs, through Will's shack window, she then sees Will and the unknown woman hug which only confirms her assumptions. Meanwhile Lewis' apparatus to test the properties of the magical Mako water attracts the attention of their Science Teacher – Ms. Taylor - who believes it is his Science project. Caught with evidence of their Mako secrets, Lewis is in trouble until Cleo uses her powers to replicate the effect and help him submit an alternative project. Ignoring Rikki's advice, Bella continues to pursue the truth about Will and the mystery girl and follows them diving but after making a huge scene, finds out the girl he was with was actually his older sister named Sophie.

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  • This was the first Season 3 episode to air in November.

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  • Lewis, who sees everything from a scientific perspective, is failing science.

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