A Date With Destiny


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16 April 2010
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A Date With Destiny is the 25th episode of Season 3 of H2O: Just Add Water. It premiered on April 16th, 2010.

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The girls discover fish have fled the waters around Mako Island and the water in their the Moon Pool appears to be warming up. The unusual changes lead Cleo to re-investigate the cave and Rikki senses an unsettling energy in the cave. Meanwhile, Sophie meets Ryan whose interest in Mako Island is reawakened after he's sent there by Sam to investigate the changes in the environment and he notices the unique crystals in the necklaces the girls wear. The pair connect, Ryan feeling an important scientific discovery is near and Sophie recognizing the potential to profit from the valuable crystals. Sophie uses Ryan to convince Zane to use the last of his money to help them locate the source of the crystals. At home, Cleo's stunned to learn from Samantha that the absence of fish in the waters may be due to a passing comet. The girls regroup in the Moon Pool and using the power of their own crystals restart the message they saw on the last full moon to discover its full purpose as a warning of a collision by the comet.

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  • Cleo mentions that the first tentacle attack was on February 7th. This would mean that "The Awakening" takes place on that date. However, Cleo mentions in "The Awakening" that school is "atleast two weeks away" which would mean that school starts February 21 or later. School starts in the next episode, however, a later episode takes place on Valentine's Day (February 14th).

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