Sophie Benjamin


Portrayed By:
Will Benjamin
(Unseen and unnamed parents)
21-22 (Season 3)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Sophie Benjamin is one of the secondary characters in "H2O: Just Add Water." She is Will's older sister who is currently attending college, and she has a very bad influence on him. She pushes him very hard to train for his diving, and thinks that Bella is a bad influence for him from his training. She seems to be rather forceful, and will do anything to get what she wants. She first appears in the episode "Secrets and Lies", as Bella sees Will and Sophie together and believes that Will is dating her, however at the end of the episode Bella discovers that Sophie is actually Will's sister. She is rather deceitful and she has no problem with cheating to get to her goals. One example is when she lied to the other applicants to get the job at Rikki's Café in episode "Happy Families". Sophie admits to not liking Bella when Bella comes in to look for Will in "The Dark Side". It can be presumed that she could be jealous of Bella. Sophie likes to boss Will around, and give him a strict schedule for the day, that includes: studying, practicing his free diving and exercising. Bella disagrees she thinks Will shouldn't be training 24/7 like that.


Sophie is shown to have a crush on Zane Bennett. She kissed Zane in the episode "Breakaway" which causes Rikki and Zane to break up. Since then she is always trying to get Zane to forget about Rikki. In "Beach Party" Sophie tells Zane that Will and Rikki are dating and going to the end of the year party together. Also in the episode "Mako Masters" Sophie asks Zane out but he stands her up.