Portrayed By:
39-40 (Season 1)
40-41 (Season 2)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

Wilfred is the owner of JuiceNet Café. He appeared in Season 1 only as a minor character, but after Emma got a job working at the JuiceNet Café, Wilfred was seen more and more often as the series continued into the next season. Wilfred tends to have a strict personality when ever it comes to business and usually always wants things right and efficient, such as in the episode "Riding For a Fall", Lewis created a food recycling unit and demonstrating it in the cafe until Wilfred told him to get rid of it because it was scaring his customers away. Half way through Season 2, Wilfred made Ash the staff manager of the cafe.

In Season 3, the JuiceNet Café had been closed down for unknown reasons, Zane reopens the Café with his father's money and took over the business and renamed it Rikki's Cafe. As a result of this Wilfred does not make an appearance in this season.